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Roeen new industrial Co. has been participating in automobile parts manufacturing for the past thirty years. The company headquarter is located in Tehran along with four parts manufacturing plants in Tehran and Isfahan. The company has always used the latest advanced technology and production line in order to manufacture the best possible parts and has the vision of expanding its production at all its facilities in all its manufacturing plants to address the emerging market. Major product manufacturing categories for Roeen is automobile axel, body and dashboard parts and breaking systems. The company has been supplying parts to two major automobile manufacturing companies of Iran, Saipa group and Iran Khodro for several years.

Roeen Sanat Novin is the largest manufacturer of Excel for the Saipa Automobile Group and manufacturer of all types of brake systems, rear and rear wheels, as well as brake calipers and all types of front and rear internal and external car lids, relying on the knowledge of major automakers in Germany and South Korea. With several laboratories equipped with the latest technology in the world, it tries to provide the best quality parts for Iran Khodro and Saipa automakers, as well as market and after-sales services. The company is trying to offer the best lining quality in order to produce its brake pad using German and Korean knowledge as well as raw materials from the two countries.

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The pieces are placed in our most modern experiments before being manufactured and tested The German standard is produced

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Using the top quality raw materials

A.I (Artificial intelligence)

Using Robots in assembly line

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